Shopylinker Privacy Policy

When we have raised the issue of privacy in Shopylinker, immediately the primary reflection has arisen, consisting in determining what can be rigorously considered, in a service such as the one provided by Optyum, S.A. with Shopylinker, the adoption of measures that correspond to a real privacy policy, both for the functions that Shopylinker develops and the type of information it uses, as well as for those potentially affected by the effect of that privacy policy.

Shopylinker is a SaaS service that Optyum, S.A. provides, from its dedicated servers located in data centers, to open source online stores hosted, in turn, on the servers of their choice, i.e. on the servers contracted by the stores, from which they operate and where they store all their information.

The operation of the store that uses the Shopylinker service is defined by the user himself, according to his commercial objectives and the effective use of the service is specified in the processing of data requested by the user to the Shopylinker processor, for the execution of the functionalities that each commercial development requires.

The data on which the processing corresponding to the functionalities with which the different commercial developments are carried out are of a numerical nature and in any case lack semantic content for the purposes of the processing, and these data have, before the processing, their origin in some databases of the store, located on the user’s server and, after the processing, their destination, in other databases of the store, also located on the user’s server.

Taking into account that the data processed, for the purposes of Shopylinker, do not carry any significance, we can affirm that, due to the nature of the data that are processed by the Shopylinker processor, considering them as the object of the privacy policy obeys the application of a principle that cannot be waived in any case, even if it is, as in the case at hand, on a remote basis.

Regarding the relationship of the privacy policy and third parties that may be affected by Shopylinker’s management, we can consider:
Firstly, Shopylinker’s customers, who are the users of the service for use by the store and who are responsible for providing end customers with their own identification data, as well as the information that must be published, in compliance with the regulations of each of the countries where the store offers its products or services for sale.

It is therefore up to the store owners to provide the information offered from the store and the responsibility for the effects that such information may have on the privacy of the store members or on the privacy of the store’s own sensitive commercial information or on the privacy of third parties, regardless of whether it has been generated by the store itself or has been provided by suppliers or collaborators.

Shopylinker is thus released from any liability, limiting its possible interventions to cases of violation of the principles set out in the General Conditions of Shopylinker, related to respect for the law, morality and decency or the mandatory compliance with governmental or judicial orders.

Regarding the privacy of any sensitive data of end customers, the store may use the tools provided by Shopylinker, in the completion of forms and other procedures associated with the various business processes, to comply with the data protection standards required in each country, as well as using the resources offered by Shopylinker to protect the confidentiality that it is in the interest of the store to maintain regarding the identity and circumstances of its end customers.

With respect to Shopylinker’s suppliers and collaborators, in addition to the usual confidentiality in commercial relations, special attention is required in relation to privacy for all those collaborators who, in order to carry out their work, need access to data or programming of any of the different parties involved in Shopylinker’s processes, authorization which, in certain cases, must be accompanied by an oath of confidentiality equivalent to that which Shopylinker itself has provided, in advance for these cases, at the beginning of the service provision.
Based on the recognition of the ownership of the information, this privacy policy intends that the use of the information is limited by the interests of the client in the scope of the activity that motivates the contracting, excluding the collection of unnecessary information.

We apply a general principle of confidentiality of our clients’ personal information with respect to third parties, information that we will only share if our client authorizes us to do so or if we are legally required to do so, of which we would previously inform our client, unless we are forbidden to do so.