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SeoSQI Score

Improve the quality of your online store information

SeoSQI stands for “SEO Score Quality Information” and is a unique Shopylinker rating system. With it you will be able to know, evaluate and improve the quality of the information in your catalog of products and categories.

This will optimize the use of web resources and improve the SEO of your PrestaShop.

A complete and quality catalog will increase the confidence of your customers and make it easier for them to make a purchase decision, which will translate into an increase in your sales and an improvement in the perception of your brand.

Optimize your PrestaShop information easily

Information analysis

SeoSQI performs an exhaustive analysis of the information of products, facets, categories and brands in your PrestaShop store. Evaluate both the quantity and quality of data to provide a score that shows how optimized your catalog is.

Aspects considered

The system considers a wide range of aspects when evaluating product and category information, from general information to more specific details. For example, it checks that the product has a main image and associated brand, as well as a custom description and summary, images assigned to combinations, characteristics, etc. For categories, it considers the presence of general information, such as the category image and description, as well as keywords that make its content easier to understand.

Languages ​​and SEO

In addition to evaluating the information in all the languages ​​configured in your store, SeoSQI also helps to improve the SEO of your PrestaShop. By increasing the quantity and quality of information in your catalog, your store will have better visibility in search results and therefore a greater chance of attracting new customers.


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What are the benefits of Shopylinker's SeoSQI Score?

Improve the quality of your product and category information.

Increase the visibility of your store in search engines and improve your SEO.

Optimizes the use of resources in catalog management.

Improve the shopping experience of your customers.

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