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Facets navigation system

The perfect solution for an efficient search

A good search and navigation system in your online store is the key to a satisfactory user experience.

With an efficient system, customers can easily find what they are looking for, increasing the probability that they will make a purchase.

Improving the user experience can also have a positive impact on your brand and customer loyalty.

From Shopylinker's management you can configure the facets navigation system to your liking

Available configurations

We give you the opportunity to assign navigation schemes to categories or to the entire store and prioritize navigation schemes in case you have more than one. You can also define custom titles in the navigation schemes for all languages.

Display and filtering options

We offer you the option to display the product count for each available criterion, hide empty criteria and groups, display the products of child categories, as well as to reset all criteria applied.

Facilitates product localization

It allows your visitors to filter products both in the store listings and in searches, making it easier for them to quickly find the products they are interested in.


Our goal is to grow your business

What are the benefits of Shopylinker's faceted navigation system?

Improve user experience.

Increases the permanence of visitors in the store.

Optimizes database queries.

Displays instant catalog updates.

Offers a more efficient and accurate product search.

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