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Because it increases your conversions

Our goal is To increase your sales

Shopylinker offers you tools to improve the user experience of your PrestaShop store and design marketing strategies to increase your sales.

User experience

Ensure that the user experience of your online store is comfortable

A user who browses comfortably is a potential customer who ends up buying.

That is why we have developed a product search solution that guarantees the quick location of what the customer is looking for and we also offer the possibility to compare products under customizable criteria that will help identify what they are looking for.

In this way we make it easier to find what the customer is looking for in the shortest time and with the most information possible.

Marketing strategies

Feel free to design marketing strategies that will help increase conversion rates

With Shopylinker you will be able to materialize the tasks of the Marketing strategy designed to favor the conversion in your e-commerce.

Without having to buy infinite PrestaShop modules, with Shopylinker you will be able to create reward systems that build customer loyalty, set up different cross-sales to increase the average ticket amount, manage abandoned carts and more.

Don’t put limits to your marketing strategy, with Shopylinker it will be very easy to carry it out.

The necessary tools to increase your sales, without the need to buy infinite PrestaShop modules

Discover the features Shopylinker puts in your hands to see firsthand that your average ticket value goes up.

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Merchandising of Listings on the Front

You will optimize the presentation and location of products and brands, increasing their visibility and therefore boosting sales.

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Cross Sales

With Shopylinker you will be able to simultaneously carry out different types of cross-selling to increase the average value of the cart and improve the user experience.

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Faceted Navigation System

A good search and navigation system in your online store is the key to a satisfactory user experience.

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Advanced search engine

With this search engine you will be able to limit the results by applying filters by categories, brands, attribute values ​​and characteristics.

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Product Comparator

This functionality makes it possible to use the extensive information in the catalog to offer the buyer the most relevant comparisons between similar products.

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Loyalty and Coupons System

Shopylinker allows you to design your loyalty strategy by creating coupons for specific customers or groups of customers and offering them a points system.

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With Shopylinker, you will not only improve communication with your visitors, but it will also allow you quality customer service, resolve doubts and problems more efficiently.

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Quick Sales

Designed for users who are clear about what they are looking for, you can offer the quick sale option for specific products.

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Bid Timer

With the sale timer you can add a timer on the product page that shows the remaining time to take advantage of a special offer.

Your sales will go up because your SEO will improve
with Shopylinker

Your SEO will also be better because you will be able to maintain the catalog correctly

Become an expert in online sales with our dossier on conversions


Work with peace of mind, we give you all the information you need to do so

Solution Center

We put in your hands a large solution center for all kinds of questions that may arise while using Shopylinker.


Being up to date with the latest market trends, marketing strategies or any topic related to the e-commerce universe is essential for your business to stand out.

Customer chat

In a clear and direct way, you can get in touch with our technician where we can accompany you in solving any problem that may arise.

With Shopylinker...
Take your Prestashop to the top