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Cross Sales

Invite your user to visit other products

One of the great advantages of cross-selling is that you strengthen ties with your customers. On the one hand, you are offering them products or services that may be of interest to them and, on the other hand, you avoid them having to spend more time browsing through your PrestaShop catalog.

In other words, you save them time and give them what they are looking for, thus increasing the average sales ticket.

The key is that cross-sales are configured properly .

We know that each type of product needs a special treatment, that's why Shopylinker allows you to set up different cross-sales simultaneously

By associated products

You will be able to set up cross-sales of products that have the same purpose or that can complement the use of the product that has been searched first.

For higher priced products

In order to provoke the change of a purchase decision by the suggestion of the idea of the relationship between the price and the quality of the product, you will be able to offer a similar product with a higher price.

For similar products

So that the customer ends up buying with the feeling of having seen all the options, you can set up cross-sales related with tags and/or characteristics.

By packs

You will be able to display the product packs created in your store that include the displayed product or packs of similar products, related with tags and/or characteristics. Generating sales of several products at the same time.

For purchases from other users

Purchase patterns are often common to many users, so showing products that have been purchased by other users who also purchased the displayed product increases the probabilities of repeat sales, increasing the amount of the ticket.

By specific products

You will be able to configure the specific products to be related to a product manually or by the best sellers according to your sales strategy or the need to sell certain products.

For seen previously

Shopylinker traces the user's navigation to show them items they have previously viewed to make it easier for them to purchase products they have already viewed saving them browsing time.

Showing different recommendations according to the stage your customer is at in the buying journey will allow you to make more meaningful recommendations. With Shopylinker you can display them in 5 positions

Left and right columns in listing pages

Left and right columns of the product page

Footer on the product page

Below the add to cart button

Shopping cart summary

Publish multiple cross-sales in each position in any order you want

Ventajas ventas cruzadas

Our goal is to grow your business

What are the benefits of Shopylinker's Cross Sales functionality?

Build shopper loyalty by getting them to buy more products.

Increase the average cart amount.

Highlighting offers in cross-sales sliders.

Promote the products you are most interested in selling.

Improve your potential customer’s user experience.

With Shopylinker...
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