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Because it improves your SEO

Improve your ranking and improve your business

With the tools offered by Shopylinker you can improve the SEO ranking of your PrestaShop, a key aspect for the growth of your business.

SEO Ranking

Attract the user who will end up buying in your online store

Reaching a potential customer at the ideal time could be key to growing your business. That’s why we provide you with tools that will help you improve the SEO ranking of your PretaShop.

Our system will evaluate the quality of the information in your online store and you will be able to add enriched texts for search engines to recognize the content properly.

By improving the SEO of your website, your sales will improve and your business will grow.

All the tools you need to improve your SEO in one platform

Discover the features Shopylinker offers to improve your search engine rankings and reach your target audience.

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SEO Score Quality Information

Shopylinker offers you a system for evaluating the quality of information on products, facets, categories and brands in order to improve the content of your online store.

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Visual Catalog Management

Enjoy the advantage of managing everything from one place with the possibility of optimizing management processes.

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Advanced Feature Management

With a centralized approach and intuitive tools, users can efficiently create, view, and assign features and values ​​to their products, avoiding errors and saving time.

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Advanced Tag Management

With Shopylinker, you will be able to easily control the tags and their assignments, improving the user experience in the store.

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Merchandising of Listings on the Front

You will optimize the presentation and location of products and brands, increasing their visibility and therefore boosting sales.

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Rich Texts

With this tool you can add key information to products so that search engines can better recognize the type of information

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Product and Store Rating System

With Shopylinker, you will be able to enable your customers ways to record ratings and comments about your products and the store.

If you improve your SEO
you directly increase
your conversions

Maintain the catalog
correctly helps the
SEO ranking

Learn more about SEO positioning and grow your business with your knowledge


Work with peace of mind, we give you all the information you need to do so

Solution Center

We put in your hands a large solution center for all kinds of questions that may arise while using Shopylinker.


Being up to date with the latest market trends, marketing strategies or any topic related to the e-commerce universe is essential for your business to stand out.

Customer chat

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