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Sistema de valoración

Product and Store Rating System

Increase your customers confidence

Trust is a key factor for success in any business, especially in online commerce where reputation is even more important.

With Shopylinker’s product and store rating system, you will be able to enable your customers to register ratings and comments about your products and store. This will give your visitors the security of knowing the experience of other buyers before making a purchase decision.

With Shopylinker you will be able to improve your SEO thanks to the automatic generation of snippets in comments. Easily configure the ratings

Configuration of the rating

You will be able to configure the registration of ratings and comments for the products and for the store independently. You can also determine whether it is mandatory to include a comment when rating.

Customize apperance

The appearance and operation in the Front is configurable with options such as the appearance of the ratings, the option to show only comments in the language that the user is using, the option to show name and/or country of the customer.

Ratings moderation

Ratings and comments may be posted immediately or require the approval of an administrator. You can also filter comments by their status (active, inactive, unapproved and report abuse).

Sistema de valoración

Our goal is to grow your business

What are the benefits of Shopylinker's Product and Store Rating System?

It will increase the confidence of visitors.

Encourages interaction with customers.

It will help you identify areas of improvement in the store and products.

Improve the SEO of the store.

With Shopylinker...
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