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Everything Shopylinker can do for you

Discover all the functions that Shopylinker puts at your disposal to transform your PrestaShop. Discover how you can achieve a more efficient, profitable and attractive online store for your customers.

Ventas cruzadas

Cross Selling

With Shopylinker, you can simultaneously perform different types of cross-selling to increase the average value of the cart and improve the user experience.

Ventas rápidas

Quick Sales

Designed for users who are clear about what they are looking for, you can offer the quick sale option for specific products.

Sistema de cupones

Loyalty and Coupons System

Shopylinker allows you to design your loyalty strategy by creating coupons for specific customers or groups of customers and offering them a points system.

Comparador de productos

Product Comparison

This functionality makes it possible to use the extensive information in the catalog to offer the buyer the most relevant comparisons between similar products.

Merchandising of Listings on the Front

You will optimize the presentation and location of products and brands, increasing their visibility and therefore boosting sales.

Rating System

With Shopylinker, you will be able to enable your customers ways to record ratings and comments about your products and the store.


With Shopylinker, you will not only improve communication with your visitors, but it will also allow you to provide quality customer service, solve doubts and problems more efficiently.

Buscador avanzado

Advanced search engine

With this search engine you will be able to limit the results by applying filters by categories, brands, attribute values ​​and characteristics.

Cookie Law

In order to comply with the law, this functionality makes it possible to place a completely personalized banner for the user's consent.

Textos enriquecidos

Rich Texts

With this tool you will be able to add key information to the products so that search engines can better recognize the type of information.

Database Cleaner and Optimizer

You will be able to optimize the amount of data that the web saves by eliminating those that are not necessary: ​​orphaned files, unnecessary connections, browsing data...

Faceted Navigation System

A good search and navigation system in your online store is the key to a satisfactory user experience.

Automated Backup and Restores

A system that will allow you to have backup copies of all the information of the online store and perform restorations with a single click. You can also automate backups.


SEO Score Quality Information

Shopylinker offers you a system for evaluating the quality of information on products, facets, categories and brands in order to improve the content of your online store.

Sale Timer

With the sale timer, you can add a timer on the product page that shows the time remaining to take advantage of a special offer.

User Roles and Traces

You will be able to create users and apply roles according to the functions they perform in your company and keep track of each management they do in your online store.

Exportación e importación

Import / Export

With this tool you will be able to transfer information to and from digital files in different digital formats (XLSX, CSV, TXT, JSON). Allowing you to update your catalog with a single click.


Shopylinker unifies all the tools you need to keep efficient control of your logistics operations.

Advanced Label Management

With Shopylinker, you will be able to control your labels and their assignments with ease, improving the user experience in your store.

Advanced Feature Management

With a centralized approach and intuitive tools, users can efficiently create, view, and assign features and values ​​to their products, avoiding errors and saving time.

Point of sale

Connect your PrestaShop with your physical stores, add point of sale tools and view sales and inventories in real time throughout the system.

Enhanced International Sales

Shopylinker allows you to easily and quickly manage the indirect taxes that apply in each country.


Reduce the time you spend managing your store with bulk actions

Gestión de catalogo

Visual Catalog Management

Enjoy the advantage of managing everything from one place with the possibility of optimizing management processes.

With Shopylinker...
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