Shopylinker General Terms and Conditions

Optyum, S.A. is a Uruguayan company, domiciled in Paraguay 2124, Zona Franca Aguada Park, Building 3, floor 1, office 32, in Montevideo, with RUT 218931030019, created under Law 15.921 of December 17, 1987.

It was registered, under number 8,918, in the Registry of Legal Entities of the General Directorate of Registries of Uruguay, on June 11, 2021.
Optyum, S.A. holds the rank of PrestaShop’s Worldwide Technology Partner, which entails a recognition of the guarantee of the products or services it makes available to the online stores created from this platform, as is the case of Shopylinker.

Shopylinker is a SaaS service that enhances all the possible actions through which open source online stores can compete successfully in the online market, against economically unattainable alternatives due to their size, providing them with the most effective functionalities for each situation, innovative, imaginative and powerful catalog management resources, as well as a complete evaluation system of the multiple aspects that make up the presentation of each product offered, which allows them to permanently optimize their sales potential.

The use of Shopylinker allows the uninterrupted permanence of the store’s data in the server of the latter, with the consequent guarantee of protection of the same, both in the fundamental aspect of personal privacy and in the necessary commercial reserve of these data, which is of singular importance for those who, together with Optyum, S.A., intervene in its commercial deployment.

Shopylinker ‘s scope of action is that of the open source platforms it complements, which in the case of PrestaShop, as well as WooCommerce, have a worldwide projection, which requires Optyum, S.A. to rigorously comply with the existing tax regulations in the different countries from which the online stores that use Shopylinker operate, a management challenge not without difficulty despite having the collaboration, both locally and remotely, of the most qualified specialists.