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Automated backups and restores

Keep your store safe and secure

Protect your business from unexpected disasters with Shopylinker’s Automated Backups and Restores functionality.

Perform complete backups of your store with a single click and keep your data safe.

Give your website full data protection even if you are not an IT expert


This feature protects you against situations that may disrupt the operation of your store, such as hardware failures or disruptive actions.

Ease of use

With this functionality you can perform complete backups of your store on the server with just one click and schedule automated backups with indication of the number of copies.

Flexibility and optimization

You can perform independent backups of databases, files or both to optimize storage space. In addition, you can exclude files or directories manually.


Our goal is to grow your business

What are the benefits of Shopylinker's Automated Backups and Restores?

Protection and peace of mind against disasters and loss of information.

Improve the process and speed of restoring your online store in the event of a disaster.

With Shopylinker...
Take your Prestashop to the top