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Because it facilitates management

Optimize your catalog management and Save Time

When you have an online store with a large number of products, catalog management can become a complicated task. Discover how Shopylinker makes your PrestaShop simple and fast.

Catalog Management

The Product Catalog is the foundation of your online store. Take care of it

A well-structured catalog with valuable information will make the user navigate comfortably and identify what they are looking for easily. It will also have a positive impact on the SEO ranking of your PrestaShop. These two aspects will have a direct impact on the increase in sales that your business can achieve.

Shopylinker provides you with a visual work environments that will make catalog management much faster and more intuitive: you will be able to locate the properties and values assigned to each product, as well as identify the missing and necessary ones. Integrates the Multiple Action Container (MAC) with which you can execute mass actions on products, categories, tags and many other entities. This considerably reduces the time invested in the task.

Benefits of a modern catalog

Increase in visitors

Increased appearance in Google Shopping due to the increase of information contained and congruent in the catalog.

Better user experience

The visitor embarks on a fluid and intuitive exploration of the store that facilitates product location.

More recurring visits

Increases customer and visitor loyalty as they perceive the store as a preferred information point.

Increases sales

The store improves cross-sales conversions by offering suggestions that are more consistent with the product displayed.

An extensive list of tools that will make your day-to-day PrestaShop management easier

Discover the features Shopylinker offers to save time and facilitate the management of your online store.

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SEO Score Quality Information

Shopylinker offers you a system for evaluating the quality of information on products, facets, categories and brands in order to improve the content of your online store.

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Visual Catalog Management

Enjoy the advantage of managing everything from one place with the possibility of optimizing management processes.

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Advanced Feature Management

With a centralized approach and intuitive tools, users can efficiently create, view, and assign features and values ​​to their products, avoiding errors and saving time.

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Advanced Tags Management

With Shopylinker, you will be able to easily control the tags and their assignments, improving the user experience in the store.

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With this tool you will be able to transfer information to and from digital files in different digital formats (XLSX, CSV, TXT, JSON). Allowing you to update your catalog with a single click.

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Automated Backups and Restores

Shopylinker offers you a store backup and restore system with just one click. You can also automate backups.

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Shopylinker unifies all the tools you need to keep efficient control of your logistics operations.

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Reduce the time you spend managing your store with bulk actions

If your catalog is built
good it will improve your
SEO ranking

Facilitating product localization means increasing the probability of selling more

Gain knowledge about optimization processes for your day-to-day work and save time


Work with peace of mind, we give you all the information you need to do so

Solution Center

We put in your hands a large solution center for all kinds of questions that may arise while using Shopylinker.


Being up to date with the latest market trends, marketing strategies or any topic related to the e-commerce universe is essential for your business to stand out.

Customer chat

In a clear and direct way, you can get in touch with our technician where we can accompany you in solving any problem that may arise.

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