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Advanced tag management

Transform your tag management

The management and control of tags and their assignments can become an uncontrolled aspect, which often leads to outdated tags displayed on products.

With Shopylinker, you will be able to control your tags and their assignments with ease, improving the user experience in your store.

Bring order to the chaos of tags

Create, manage and assign tags

With Advanced Tag Management, you will be able to create related tags in all the languages of your store, define names and descriptions for each tag, add images, create groups of tags and assign them to your products individually or in bulk.

Efficiently display your tags

With Advanced Tag Management, you can view the products that have tags assigned to them and refine the results with combined filters. In addition, you will be able to publish images of your tags in a block on the product page, add a custom title and display contextual tooltips on the product page.


Our goal is to grow your business

What are the benefits of Shopylinker's Advanced Tag Management?

Improve the efficiency of online store information management.

Increases the visibility of products which leads to the ease of finding the product by the visitor.

Improved product segmentation for a better user experience.

With Shopylinker...
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