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Quick Sales

Facilitates immediate sale

In online commerce it is very common for a user to look at what he is looking for in several e-commerce sites. Once all the analysis of the digital offer is done and the decision taken, it is vitally important to offer the fastest way to complete the purchase.

That’s why Shopylinker ‘s quick sales will help you get the user to buy without having to force them to visit the product page, a quick buy button can help them execute the purchase without hesitating. Undoubtedly, a tool that will help increase your PrestaShop conversions.

Setting up your quick sales will be very easy from the Shopylinker dashboard

Choose where to display

You will be able to choose the types of listings where the button will be displayed for the user to add the products to the cart directly. Without having to go to the product page.

Button customization

From the Shopylinker panel you can customize the button by choosing the color and shape to match your store design. The button text is also configurable.

All in one button

The user will be able to indicate the quantity of the product to add to the cart, and in case the product has combinations, it will also allow the selection of these before adding to the cart.


Our goal is to grow your business

What are the benefits of Shopylinker's Quick Sales?

Build shopper loyalty by getting them to buy more products.

Increase the average cart amount.

Improve your customer’s user experience.

With Shopylinker...
Take your Prestashop to the top